The Design Forward Showcase

The Design Forward Showcase features designers from across San Diego, creating interactive experiences throughout the Design Forward Summit and on the Broadway Pier.

Assembly [website]

Assembly is an interactive, artificial life simulation. Users interact with a colony of artificial life entities by selecting evolutionary conditions to influence the overall systems development. Participants also use an EEG device to control the overall visualization of the environment. Assembly is created by Sheldon Brown, Wes Hawkins and Erik Hill of the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination.

The Free Ride [website]

The Free Ride is an ad-supported, electric shuttle service.  By wrapping the cars with advertisements, running video ads and providing fun giveaways and product samples, the company is able to offer the rides free-of-charge.  The brands involved get to be part of a new marketing approach, the municipalities enjoy a new transportation option, and mother nature benefits from having less gas-burning cars on the road.  TFR's services are available in the Hamptons, Jersey Shore, Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Santa Monica, Venice and San Diego.  Learn more at

UCSD Design Lab Automation Team

Autonomous vehicles are currently being developed by several companies. There are numerous challenges to be met in order for them to be able to handle everyday traffic situations. We study road user interaction in urban environments, using what we learn from these observations to inform the design of the interaction between autonomous vehicles and human road users. Our goal is to enable people and automated vehicles to negotiate intersections and roadways safely and efficiently.

Bottles and Wood [website]

Bottles & Wood is the premier provider of farm to table and industrial chic serving ware and decor. The artisans at Bottles & Wood create everything from chandeliers, unique serving ware, glassware and more. We have also built a portfolio of renovations and creations in the hospitality industry. Bottles & Wood is able to reinvent any space and create an ambiance that perfectly matches all serving ware and decor.

Bella Vista Caffe and social club [website]

From the moment we entered this space at the Sanford Consortium, we shared the same vision. Perched above the Torrey Pines Gliderport and located next to Salk, Scripps, and UC San Diego, Bella Vista would be the perfect “piazza.”

We are very excited to see our vision become a reality. Bella Vista is now a buzzing social hub for scientists, professors, professionals, locals, and visitors from around the globe. We are so excited to help create a sense of community and welcome you to join us.

We hope you’ll enjoy this unique European community style caffé as much as we do!

Circulate San Diego [website]

Circulate San Diego is the region’s leading organization dedicated to advancing mobility choices and sustainable land uses, and making the region a better place to live, work, learn, and play.  For Design Forward, we encourage you to think about streets as public spaces for people, not merely places for cars. For more information, go to:

Konrad+King [website]

Konrad+King presents TerraVenture, a service design concept that reimagines the recreation experience for a future where autonomous vehicles are pervasive. Focused on reconnecting the family with each other and with nature, TerraVenture provides customized adventure cruises using an intelligent tour service matched to a fleet of autonomous recreational vehicles.

The New Children’s Museum [website]

The New Children’s Museum is a new model of children’s museum whose mission is to stimulate imagination, creativity and critical thinking in children and families through inventive and engaging experiences with contemporary art. Apex Chariots, designed by San-Diego artist Roman de Salvo, were commissioned by The New Children’s Museum in 2009. They are made of Rattan, plywood, aluminum, modified unicycle parts, canvas, rope, shellac, paint, and miscellaneous hardware.

Pairfish [website]

Pairfish is an Design studio located in San Diego utilizing concepts, forms, and techniques across the spectrum of contemporary art, design, and avant-gardening. The studio takes a unique and experimental approach to the question of how we want to live. Pairfish is helmed by designer, musician, artist, bricoleur, UCSD alumnus, and lover of all things natural, Keenan Hartsten.

Product Etc. [website]

Product Etc has been in the practice of design, & communication arts since 2004, and been operating as a brand design studio led by Jordan Stark since 2009. The studio's passion and experience lends itself to creating brand messages, design, or art that's inherently functional and personal – not just a pretty or conceptual. Distinctively human experiences that allow people to get where they need to go, know what they need to know, or provokes them to STOP. LOOK. FORM AN OPINION. RESPOND.

MiresBall [website]

MiresBall is an award-winning creative agency that unites style and meaning to help ambitious brands achieve more. In 2012, MiresBall embarked on a journey with San Diego craft beer pioneer Ballast Point. The goal was to refresh, align and strengthen their acclaimed but disparate brewing and spirits brands. It was a strategy that would set the groundwork for what is today an international brand that knows no boundaries. In 2015, Ballast Point was acquired by Constellation Brands for $1 billion. @miresball

Illumina [website]

At Illumina, we are beginning to unlock the power of the genome – to transform healthcare and beyond. The MyGenome Web Application allows you to explore a real human genome, and provides a simple, intuitive, and educational interface to get you started on your journey of genome discovery and learning.

Hadley Media [website]

Hadley Media is an award winning experiential marketing agency with services that include large scale events and activations, convention booth design and build, social and digital activations, promotional stunts, hospitality parties, newfronts, upfronts, tours and more. Clients include: FOX, FX, SYFY, CARTOON NETWORK, ADULT SWIM, LEVIS, PBS, RENT THE RUNWAY, AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS and more. 
Hadley Media activates stand alone stunts and at all major conventions and events around the world including Comic-Con, Fashion Week, Cannes, SXSW, CES, E3, PAX, Coachella, DMEXCO and Advertising Week.
For more than 20 years, Hadley Media has produced events in every major U.S. market and international markets such as London, Paris, Berlin, Rio, Mexico City, Toronto, Montreal and Sydney.

San Diego Zoo [website]

Tech to Reconnect is a public-facing program at the San Diego Zoo that asks how we can design and build new ways to connect — intellectually and emotionally — with wildlife. Projects include devices that allow us to experience the perspectives of endangered species (what would it be like to find your way like a bat or hear through your feet like an elephant?) or measure and understand changes to the environment we share. We partner with designers, engineers, scientists, and artists to bring these visions to life.

Parkeology [website]

Parkeology is a live event + tv series that unearths lesser known sites and stories of Balboa Park. From February-June 2016, Parkeology hosts five events that explore popular and obscure locations in the park, from the secret lives of artifacts to closeted histories, from underground models to reimagined organ pavilions. 

Intersection Inc. [website]

Business is Better When Connected With Design. Intersection-Inc is a global innovation design consultancy focusing on human-centered design products, services and experiences and education.

For twelve years the Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge has been the only advanced design studio competition in the world.

Conceived by Chuck Pelly and Joan Gregor, founders of Intersection-Inc, leading automaker design studios face off in a head-to-head contest to envision the most innovative concepts inspired by each year’s theme. With more than 14 local auto design studios, the competition was created to highlight Southern California’s talented automotive design leadership and has now grown into the most anticipated professional global competition. It continues to highlight the latest innovations, including intelligent transportation that is redefining the auto industry and transforming how we look at the drive and functionality of vehicles.  


It is a desire for most everyone to visit, work or live in a city that is comfortable, safe, accessible and a place to be really proud of…  The show is a glimpses of the potential intersections of technology and human understanding that can make this dream possible. An inspiration for San Diego.


Case studies showing tangible value of design and the potential of human-centered design from such companies as GE Healthcare, GE Oil and Gas and CVS


A proposal for a two mile gondola system that would serve as public transit from the bay to Balboa Park.

BASILE Studio [website]

Widely considered one of the most prolific hospitality and commercial designers in San Diego, Paul Basile is known to many as a master of design and build. Paul opened doors to BASILE Studio in 1994, and it transitioned into a full-service design and fabrication studio in 2008. Basile’s diverse background, as well as a perpetual drive to experiment with new materials and styles has given rise to many of San Diego’s most unique restaurants and commercial spaces (Ironside Fish & Oyster, Kindred, Broadstone Balboa Park) each with its own singular identity but sharing the same signature stamp of functional minimalism. Today, the multifaceted designer consistently redefines what it means to create out-of-the-box projects, taking every opportunity to combine purposeful design with sleek, uncomplicated beauty. Watch out for exciting new hospitality projects on the horizon as well as progressive developments and creative office hubs.

DD Studio [website]

Founded by Charles Curbbun in 1984, DDSTUDIO is one of Southern California’s premier design firms, with 30 years of experience in the successful development of award-winning products. Like many of the most innovative companies, Charles started DDSTUDIO in his garage, with the vision to design from the user perspective. Having the user experience and interaction as the driving force inspired diverse and reputable clients to seek out DDSTUDIO, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. This core value remains true today—we are constantly seeking to provide consumers with extraordinary experiences that result in quantifiable ROI for our clients.

We are focused on profitable growth through customer-centric design and cost effective manufacturing. Our impressive array of multidisciplinary experts becomes an extension of your team, guiding you through the product development journey.